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Protective masks, Star
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Thank you for buying. You support donations to healthcare workers and people in need!

This Protective Mask is made of 2 layers 100% cotton, jersey material. It sits well and is comfortable. An integrated metal nose-piece ensures a snug fit. Elasticated ear loops allow the mask to be easily put on and removed. Light, breathable, washable at 40 degrees and reusable. Please note that this is not a medical grade mask. However, there is an extra pocket for the filter. You can insert type 2.5 Filter, napkin or any other filter.

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Care instructions:

  • Machine wash 40°C or more
  • Wash the mask in Laundry bag
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Stretch out and leave to dry naturally
  • Iron when damp but do not iron the elastic
  • Laura Theiss is not responsible for the lost of stones


  • Wash your hands before putting it on
  • Avoid touching or adjusting your mask while wearing it
  • Be sure not to touch or rub your eyes while you wear it
  • Don’t share your mask with others
  • Replace your mask with another after 2-3 hours of wear or as soon as it gets damp, soiled or crumpled

Do not place a mask on:

  • Children under age of 2
  • Anyone who has trouble breathing or is unconscious
  • Anyone that cannot remove the mask without a help

Removing your mask:

  • Be very careful not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth when removing your mask
  • Wash your hands immediately after you remove it
  • Put it directly into the washing machine after the use


  • This is non-medical grade mask
  • These reusable masks are not intended to be a replacement for N95 or medical grade PPE, and no claims are being made that they are
  • For futher information please go to www.who.int


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