Laura Theiss continues her exploration of traditional hand knitting and crochet techniques in her SS 2011 collection.

Inspired by costumes from Far East cultures and mythological legend, she brings her signiture style of unusual colours and texture combination and injects futuristic, feminine vision in her forms.

This collection sees the Chinese ancient legend about Dropa Discs ´visitors from the sky ´being explored-with the feeling hat aliens from other worlds live among us.

´The Dropa came down from the clouds with their airliners. Ten times the men, women and children of Kham hid in the caves until sunrise.
Then they understood the sign and saw that the Drops came in pease this time´.
(Dropa Discs translated by Dr. Tsum Um Nui)

From crochet dresses, hand knitted lace jumpers to asymmetrical skirts with tassell details, traditional Eastern costume influences the knitwear patterns and shapes. The metallic colour palette and embelishment add a futuristic, light touch to the designs.

Photographer Ellis Scott
Styling and Creative Director Kabir www.mynameiskabir.com
Make-Up Michelle Webb www.michellewebb.com
Model Maree B@FM

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