Love is Blind

Cascading across a stage, creating countless silhouettes, a dancer captivates her audience.

From working closely with choreographer Stijn Celis on a romantic reenactment of ‘A Portrait of Sunken', Laura Theiss found herself mesmerised by the ability to tell a story through movement, incorporating this into her designs.

Dramatic and highly technical, parallel to her designs, it was by immersing herself in the worlds of ballet and theatre that Theiss drew inspiration for her SS19 collection. Not ignoring the Japanese origin, Theiss reinterprets the traditional kimono by combining her craftsmanship and creativity.

From seeing how the piece was born, Theiss took an unpredictable approach to design, creating exaggerated and elongated shapes, draping yarn and tulle from the female-form. Large flowing sleeves contrast against, yet complement cinched waists. Appliqués are used to accentuate the intricate patterns, with the introduction of colour throughout.

Flowers flourish, as cranes climb throughout the collection thanks to the crochet techniques Theiss is renowned for. The colours used, a clear representation of any love story, signifies light and dark. As blacks blend to bold blues and as white dilute to dusty rose hues, Theiss correlates both meticulously.
Strong and self-confident, Theiss' SS19 collection is a story that speaks for itself.

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