Photographer: Jennifer Weyland
Model: Miki Wakabayashi

Wings by Marguerite Donlon

It is the power of imagination that helps individuals to overcome situations in which they see their freedom limited over and over again.  Marguerite Donlon wants to pay tribute to all every day heroes who do not allow others to limit the freedom of their thoughts. At the same time the work on Wings makes her think of her home country Ireland where people were prevented from living their own culture for a long time. Hope and confidence are also what Donlon associates with Gavin Bryars' Jesus' Blood never failed me yet, in which the compositor literally gives orchestral wings to the brittle but ardent singing of a homeless man. Sam Auinger creates the matching sound installation that unveils the beauty within the ugliness by transforming the sounds of the nearby highway into a fascinating sound backdrop.

Choreography: Marguerite Donlon
Music: Gavin Bryars, Sam Auinger, Claas Willeke
Stage: Cecile Bouchier
Costumes: Laura Theiss
Video: Florian Penner, Dorothee De Coster
Dramaturg: Anja von Witzler
Light Design: Fred Pommerehn
Assistant: Reyes Perez

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