Laura theiss x Sustainability

Laura is an established, Lithuanian knitwear designer who champions, sustainability, community values and craftsmanship.

Most of her pieces are hand crafted and made- to- order to avoid overproduction. Laura keeps wastage to an absolute minimum, helping to protect the planet. Wherever possible she also recycles leftover yarns from her previous collections into her new designs.

All yarns are sourced in Italy from manufacturers who share Laura’s commitment to sustainability. All adhere to strict ethical and environmental practices such as waste reduction, water management, re-cycling, fair-pay and good working conditions.

Each item is individually knit by highly skilled women in Lithuania. These artisans, often from rural and marginalized communities, transform Laura’s complex, digital designs into precious and unique items to cherish.

Laura is committed to rewarding her employees fairly whilst ensuring excellent working conditions. Her priority is to give these talented women financial independence, a sense of empowerment and a voice.